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Solved enigma: Les Châteliers Abbey

It took 8 attemps of all the players for 19m 51s to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Abbey on island in France.

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Ré Abbey, also known as Les Châteliers Abbey (Abbaye Notre-Dame-de-Ré dite des Châteliers), diocese of Poitiers (La Flotte, île de Ré, Charente-Maritime)

Start date : 29/07/2009 à 09:40:37
End date : 29/07/2009 à 10:00:28
Winner : Anonyme

Other solutions : l'abbaye des chateliers,abbaye des chateliers,abbaye notre-dame-de-re dite des chateliers,abbaye notre-dame-de-re des chateliers,les chateliers abbey,re abbey,abbaye notre-dame-de-re,

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