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Solved enigma: Michishito Ishizuka

It took 40 attemps of all the players for 12j 18h to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Name of the programmer.

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Bomb Jack is an arcade platform game that was developed by Michishito Ishizuka and released in 1984 by Tehkan. It was followed by two official sequels, the console and computer title Mighty Bomb Jack, and the arcade game Bomb Jack Twin. There was also Bomb Jack II, a licensed follow-up developed for 8-bit home computers by the European games publisher Elite Systems.

Start date : 19/02/2010 à 16:56:43
End date : 04/03/2010 à 11:29:23
Winner : mrshadow
Website : www.larcin-lejeu.com

Other solutions : michishito ishizuka,ishizuka michishito,michishito,ishizuka

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