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Solved enigma: Nationale 7

It took 21 attemps of all the players for 10h 32m to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Attraction of a french park.

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This is the attraction «Nationale 7» of the Astérix Park in France. A circuit of old cars through a small campaign referring to the "Route bleue". The "Route bleue" or the "route des vacances", was one of the longest and most legendary roads of France at 996 km, called Nationale 7 (RN 7).
» Official website of Nationale 7
» Website of Parc Astérix

Start date : 28/07/2009 à 23:07:10
End date : 29/07/2009 à 09:39:53
Winner : Anonyme

Other solutions : nationale 7

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