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Solved enigma: Tau Ceti

It took 2 attemps of all the players for 5m 25s to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Video game.

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Tau Ceti is a science fiction themed computer game first published in 1985 by CRL for the ZX Spectrum and later converted to several other platforms. It was designed and programmed by Pete Cooke. It was groundbreaking at the time for its extensive use of 3D graphics, shadow effects and its large gameworld set on a small planet, Tau Ceti III, orbiting the titular star. The planet also has a realistic day and night cycle (much shorter than our own).

Start date : 29/01/2013 à 20:52:41
End date : 29/01/2013 à 20:58:06
Winner : GrandQuick
Website : lecenacle.forum-actif.net/forum

Other solutions : tau ceti

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