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Solved enigma: Ballista or Catapult

It took 4 attemps of all the players for 5h 26m to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Siege engine.

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The catapult appears to have been invented in 399 BC in the city of Syracuse during the reign of the tyrant Dionysius I.
Originally, catapult referred to a dart-thrower, while ballista referred to a stone-thrower, but the two terms swapped meaning sometime in the fourth century AD.

Start date : 16/06/2009 à 17:22:54
End date : 16/06/2009 à 22:49:48
Winner : Alain ;)

Other solutions : baliste,une baliste,ballista,a ballista,ballistra,a ballistra,a ballo,ballo,une catapulte,catapulte,a catapult,catapult,meduse

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