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Solved enigma: Fantomas Strikes Back

It took 42 attemps of all the players for 7h 8m to discover the enigma photo whose clue was French movie.

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Fantômas se déchaîne (English: "Fantomas Strikes Back", or "The Vengeance of Fantomas") is a 1965 film starring Jean Marais as the arch villain with the same name opposite Louis de Funès as the earnest but outclassed commissaire Juve and the journalist Fandor, also played by Jean Marais.
In the photo, the commissioner Juve (Louis de Funès) explains the workings of his gadget: the third hand.

Start date : 23/06/2009 à 17:06:17
End date : 24/06/2009 à 00:14:45
Winner : ZakParis

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