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Solved enigma: La grande vadrouille

It took 11 attemps of all the players for 11h 9m to discover the enigma photo whose clue was French movie - Kommandantur.

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This is the Kommandantur of the town of Meursault of the movie La Grande Vadrouille.
This movie is a 1966 comedy film about how the crew of a Royal Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress shot down over Paris must then make their way through German-occupied France with the main help of two French citizens with very different mindsets.

Start date : 23/06/2009 à 05:25:27
End date : 23/06/2009 à 16:34:37
Winner : ZakParis

Other solutions : la grande vadrouille,don't look now... we're being shot at!

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