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Solved enigma: Les Poï-Poï

It took 25 attemps of all the players for 15m 33s to discover the enigma photo whose clue was French programme.

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The Poi-Poi: Series created in 1979 by Christophe Izard which occurred Sibor puppets and Bora as well as Mr Poi, Miss and Mr Poi Poi Poi Poi Poi every five extraterrestrials. This series revisited history very earth parody.

Start date : 07/10/2009 à 22:35:07
End date : 07/10/2009 à 22:50:40
Winner : Zak
Website : casimiragoldorak.free.fr/html/html_visiteurs/lesvisiteurs.htm

Other solutions : les poi-poi,les poi poi,poi poi,poi-poi

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