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Solved enigma: Mesa Verde National Park

It took 1 attemp of all the players for 1m 13s to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Famous place.

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Mesa Verde National Park is a U.S. National Park and UNESCO World Heritage Site located in Montezuma County, Colorado, United States. The park occupies 81.4 square miles (211 km2) near the Four Corners and features numerous ruins of homes and villages built by the ancient Pueblo people known as the Anasazi. The Anasazi made this stone village their home in the 1200s AD.

Start date : 24/11/2009 à 01:07:40
End date : 24/11/2009 à 01:08:53
Winner : jadel

Other solutions : mesa verde,parc national de mesa verde,plateau vert

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