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Solved enigma: Olivier Levasseur nicknamed La Buse

It took 1 attemp of all the players for 3m 33s to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Written by someone famous.

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Olivier Levasseur (Calais, 1680 or 1690 - Réunion, 7 July 1730), was a pirate, nicknamed La Buse or La Bouche (The Buzzard) in his early days, called thus because of the speed with which he threw himself on his enemies.
Legend tells that when he stood on the scaffold he had a necklace around his neck, containing a cryptogram of 12 lines, and would have thrown this in the crowd while exclaiming:
"Find my treasure, he who may understand it!"

Start date : 01/07/2009 à 12:12:59
End date : 01/07/2009 à 12:16:32
Winner : Pierceval
Website : www.regne.net

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