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Solved enigma: Patrick Battiston

It took 4 attemps of all the players for 37m 5s to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Kaputt.

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Patrick Battiston is a French international footballer born in 1957. We remember in particular the crash between Schumacher and Harald him during the second half of the famous semi-final in Seville in 1982 World Cup against Germany: while this is only the goalkeeper to beat German team, Harald "Toni" Schumacher collides sharply while the French have the ball more. He goes unconscious on a stretcher accompanied by his friend Michel Platini support.

Start date : 25/04/2010 à 22:22:23
End date : 25/04/2010 à 22:59:28
Winner : jadel

Other solutions : patrick battiston,battiston

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