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Solved enigma: Royal Sovereign

It took 3 attemps of all the players for 4h 39m to discover the enigma photo whose clue was Royal ship.

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HMS Sovereign of the Seas was ordered as a 90-gun first rank ship of the line of the English Royal Navy, but at launch was armed with 102 bronze guns, at the insistence of the king.She was later renamed Sovereign, and then Royal Sovereign. The ship was launched on 13 October 1637 and served from 1638 until 1697, when a fire burned the ship to the waterline at Chatham.

Start date : 22/06/2009 à 11:27:44
End date : 22/06/2009 à 16:07:03
Winner : Sam Rascasse

Other solutions : royal sovereign,sovereign of the seas,souverain des mers,sovereign

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