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Solved enigma: Sargon II

It took 8 attemps of all the players for 9h 6m to discover the enigma photo whose clue was King.

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Sargon II ( Akkadian Šarru-kên "legitimate king", reigned 722 – 705 BC) was an Assyrian king. Sargon II became co-regent with Shalmaneser V in 722 BC, and became the sole ruler of the kingdom of Assyria in 722 BC after the death of Shalmaneser V.

Start date : 02/12/2011 à 14:29:07
End date : 02/12/2011 à 23:35:55
Winner : jadel

Other solutions : sargon,sargon ii,sargon 2,sharroukin

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