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Solve enigma photos in community with enigmeo!

Enigmeo is a free community game enigma photos, available in french and English, covering a hundred countries representing 1.5 billion people of the world.

Worldmap of English-speaking and French-speaking countries Photos are from the four corners of the globe and represent monuments, scenery, buildings, natural, ... but also the macroscopic and microscopic world.
It is obvious that enigma photos will be easier to be solved if the players come from different countries.

You have solved a mystery photo?

If you solve an enigma photo, you have the opportunity to write your name and the advantage to include your website or blog - if you have one - and you will benefit of the notoriety of enigmeo to increase its number of visitors.


Sign enigmeo  a sign is given to indicate a track to solve the enigma.

Number of attempts to find this enigma  the total number of attempts in realtime all around the world.

Solve archives enigma  you can see the archives of enigmas that have been solved.